Jun. 15th, 2013

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i keep forgetting i have a dreamwidth lmfao
all the action's on tumblr, whoever is reading dust covered journal
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i used to read fandom secrets a lot then i just got really bored and just stopped
i'm probably missing a lot of drama but man what fucking ever
i'm also concerned over the one day someone decides to make a secret on me. i used to think 'well hey i'm barely a blip on fandom radar i'm safe yo' then i remember tumblr's a place where stuff spreads quickly. i'm sure there's several people out there who think i'm kind of off.
and maybe i am. but. man, who isn't off nowadays.
toxicologist: ([pmmm] this movie sucks)
is there such a thing as a pokespe bnf
i think coronis would be one but given how there's more people posting full on scans and stuff, i guess not as much people depend on him for info
'bnf' and 'tumblr famous' are terms i don't really like those terms for some reason haha. might be because of the stigma that comes with it.
do people even use bnf anymore
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i can't believe forgot i put a gif of bill dancing in my profile

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