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So I finally took the time to watch through all of Korra with my friends (we don't get together too often because of real life abloobloo) and WOW do I have a mixed reaction about it.

Things I like
- First off, the animation was beautiful and stunning. I loved the attention to detail.
- Asami, Tarrlock, Amon, and Lieutenant all had great development. I'm not good when it comes to character analysis like Ibu and a lot of choice folk on tumblr, but wow.
- Lin's pretty much my favorite. She's flawless okay.
- Tahno. He's a prick from the start, but man I can't hate a guy with a voice like that. uh vatar
- Tenzin and his kids are adorbs okay
- I guess the secondary characters in general, huh?

Things I don't like
- How the development sort of halted on Korra. I'm pretty much parroting everyone on tumblr, but I just didn't like how Korra didn't grow as a character. While we were shown on her insecurities on losing her powers as an Avatar, it didn't really pick up much from there. That was it. Korra didn't want to lose her bending, and when she does, she just wants to give up altogether. There was no one to tell her that, even without her powers, she's still Korra to them. And instant Avatar State come on Aang the fuck.
- As for Mako, aaaaugh. While the Fuck Mako tumblr tends to over exaggerate on his dickishness, he did come off as a dick in the later half in the series. That would've fine if we were shown that was a bad thing, to fool around with two women who don't know about each others' relationship with him. But, he ends up getting off lightly, and doesn't end up with anything more severe than a slight calling-out.
He is also hella possessive and overprotective over Bolin. I understand that Mako had to raise him since their parents died, but it seems the only words he says to Bolin are "No!" and "Shut up!" Having siblings myself, we never had that degree of control over each other. I wasn't like that to my sister. My brother isn't like that to me. While Mako does do nice things for Bolin, such as buying dumplings for him and saving his ass, I don't see that degree of kindess for him later in the series.
- Bolin's development just halts. When he catches Mako and Korra in the act, he's only heartbroken for a day and shifts back to normal like nothing has happened. After that, he's just comic relief. Bolin's essentially a doormat to the cast. He doesn't stand up to his brother, nothing really happens with him. I wanted to like him, but the writing just didn't allow that.
- tl;dr main characters didn't develop well enough to my liking. Here's hoping for season 2 to fix things.

Say, is Dante still reading Homestuck? Or did he stop after that one panel?

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