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If you're coming to DW from LJ, just say who you are so I can friend you! As for others, just drop a comment also and I'll friend you back.
blog crews and that's it really )
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i can't believe forgot i put a gif of bill dancing in my profile
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is there such a thing as a pokespe bnf
i think coronis would be one but given how there's more people posting full on scans and stuff, i guess not as much people depend on him for info
'bnf' and 'tumblr famous' are terms i don't really like those terms for some reason haha. might be because of the stigma that comes with it.
do people even use bnf anymore
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i used to read fandom secrets a lot then i just got really bored and just stopped
i'm probably missing a lot of drama but man what fucking ever
i'm also concerned over the one day someone decides to make a secret on me. i used to think 'well hey i'm barely a blip on fandom radar i'm safe yo' then i remember tumblr's a place where stuff spreads quickly. i'm sure there's several people out there who think i'm kind of off.
and maybe i am. but. man, who isn't off nowadays.
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i keep forgetting i have a dreamwidth lmfao
all the action's on tumblr, whoever is reading dust covered journal
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So I finally took the time to watch through all of Korra with my friends (we don't get together too often because of real life abloobloo) and WOW do I have a mixed reaction about it.

watch as i type more than a few words )

Say, is Dante still reading Homestuck? Or did he stop after that one panel?

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If you want the Pokespe fans to look at other Pokemon manga, it's best not to act like an obnoxious hipster about it and whining about it in the pokespe tag is not going to make things better.

Or you could just let the fans enjoy what they want.

Yeah, there are some kids who are acting like jackasses about it, but lumping the other part of Pokespe fandom (the people who enjoy it for what it is) into a collective hivemind of jackasses isn't going to fix things. I've read some of the other manga, and in the end, I find myself enjoying Pokespe the most. I mean, I like DPA!, I just like Pokespe more. Is that so wrong?
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So I'm checking out one of my favorite artists' twitters and she linked to one of my pictures.


She said something like ギャーーーーーーーーーーーかわいい and I GUESS THAT MEANS IT'S CUTE OR SOMETHING?

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How is it that so many SJWs flock to Homestuck? It's pretty much one of the least SJ things on the internet.

I finally got Pokemon White. How embarrassing, I went so far without even playing it. It's hard to find pokemon that are both aesthetically pleasing in my eyes and can actually land hits. There are a few good ones out there, I will admit. I do like some of the improvements in the gameplay, and the story is intriguing to follow.
slight discussion of bw2 here, in case you're trying to avoid spoilers or something )
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After finding out there are creeps are LJ (staff leaving comments on flocked posts yeah no), I feel I should set up a DW. I'm not denouncing LJ, if you feel the need to message me about stuff. It's not like I post as much on LJ anymore, so there's no actual difference, is there? EDIT: I'll still log in to check on my fl. And if you need a quick talk with me, I'm always on tumblr (as toxicologist).

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Yes, I got a laptop for Christmas. Eeee, I feel so grateful. I spent most of yesterday downloading TF2.

Well, happy holidays to any and everyone.
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Man, LJ should reconsider what they did with their redesigns, considering the amount of people (on and off fl) going, "Fuck this shit, find me at Dreamwidth." Some of the anon memes I lurk on are thinking of moving to DW. LJ's functioning okay for me, but it doesn't seem to work for others. I will admit the redesigned comment sections are pretty jarring, though.

At least we can edit comments?
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Uuuugh, I feel so shitty today and it's only half past noon. Waking up with a sore-ass throat sucks js.

Right now I'm trying to reread Fullmetal Alchemist. Not that I hate it (hell, I love what I'm reading so far), it's just there's big gaps in between reading chapters (or the library just so happens to not have the volumes I need), so I can be very forgetful of little details. Maybe I should also watch Brotherhood again, since I've watched only like two eps and that was a long time ago, too.

I'm also attempting to read Death Note again. It's a fun, twisted little series and I kinda wish for more quality gen fics or some good fics with pairings. I like L/Light, but they tend to be portrayed as cutesy fluffy lovers who would do nothing wrong NO SIR.
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oh god


stop making a big fucking deal over pairings

people are allowed to pair whoever they fuck they want. and guess what, telling them the pairing is bad and they should feel bad isn't going to make them suddenly stop pairing them.
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got back from camping

let's just say i'm not a big fan of it X(
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Has anyone ever liked a book, only to read it later and find out, "How did I like this? Why did I like this?" You can either tell me about such examples, or read my response to the question.

i'll probably regret this rant later )
tl;dr fuck you mortal instruments and cassie clare
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just messing around in gimp

i need to practice more, anyway
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why does pokespe vore exist


and why can't i post links in my journal
Hey. Hey. Go here:

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